Sue Ravenlaw, Head of Equality and Safeguarding at the Football Association

“Professor Celia Brackenridge is one of a kind. Celia’s commitment to and diligence in her work over the decades, challenging sex discrimination, sexual harassment and child abuse in sport, has been both visionary and outstanding. I was privileged to be one of a team of people at the FA who worked closely with Celia and her team, when my predecessor Tony Pickerin initiated a ground-breaking research programme with Celia in the early 2000s, culminating in 2007 with the publication of a book, ‘Child Welfare in Football’. I am filled with deep gratitude for Celia’s professionalism, her profound work and her friendship.”

— Sue Ravenlaw, who joined the Football Association (FA) in 2000 to implement child protection policies and is currently their Head of Equality and Safeguarding. It was through this work with the FA that she first met Celia. Prior to this role she worked for the National Coaching Foundation.