Anne Tiivas, Director of the Child Protection Unit in Sport (CPSU)

I first met Celia Brackenridge back in the early 2000’s. I have never known anybody who is as committed to ensuring the safety of young athletes in sport. Celia’s contribution to athlete wellbeing, both for young athletes and for older athletes, has been immeasurable. This is both in terms of her research contribution and her ability to work with and challenge others to make a difference to athletes’ experiences of sport. Without Celia’s contribution to athlete wellbeing I can honestly say that I don’t believe the Child Protection Unit would ever have been set up. She tirelessly campaigned for pioneering work to be done in this area.

— Anne Tiivas joined the NSPCC in 2008 and is Director of the Child Protection Unit in Sport (CPSU). Celia and Ann worked together in establishing the CPSU, and through Celia being Chair of the CPSU’s Research Task Force from 2001-2008.