I was honoured to be the first recipient of the 2018 Celia Brackenridge International Research Award. Celia’s research and activist work is hugely inspirational and influential for researchers across the world. My research contributes to and continues Celia’s social justice and social change agenda toward equity and opportunities for all women across sport.

This award enabled me to promote my research at the ‘Challenging Social Hierarchies and Inequalities’ conference, hosted by the British Sociological Association, in Glasgow. Presenting at this conference was important to ensure that my research was reaching audiences beyond the sporting community and contributing to social justice agendas across both practitioner and academic platforms. My research findings had already been used to inform educational resources for outreach activities and the development of national sport organisational priorities and strategies for improving diversity, equity and inclusion.

At the conference, I presented my PhD research on gender and race equality and intersectionality in sport organisations to an academic audience. This research has now been published in the ‘Ethnic and Racial Studies’ Journal, titled: ‘Critical Race Theory and Black feminist insights into 'race’ and gender equality’. This publication progresses analysis and theorising on ‘race’, gender, and their intersections, using sport equality agendas as a context. The research I presented contributes an alternative critical epistemological perspective and methodological approach to the fields of women and gender inequalities in sport that forefronts ‘race’ and intersectionality. This approach offers a counter-narrative and facilitates an understanding of the identities and experiences of racially oppressed groups of women whose contributions have been widely overlooked in the study of sport.

I believe that continued critical sociological work on intersectionality, discrimination and identity is vital to inform gender and ‘race’ equality initiatives in British sport, and to ensure that all individuals are valued, inspired and given equitable support to pursue and progress in sport leadership.

I plan to continue contributing to and developing the invaluable research that is part of Celia’s legacy and would like to thank the Anita White Foundation for recognition of my research with this award. Thank you also to the coaches and practitioners who shared their voices and stories with me for this valuable research.